Monday, August 29, 2011

Dragon Ass!

Or, at least I dragged ass today. As far as writing goes. Alot of interruptions. I'm still at it though. Now Im just thinking about writing. Im gonna break for food and shower in a sec, but as Im thinking about the whole writing process as an entity, Im remembering past projects and what other people have said about their past projects.
George RR Martin has said that he likes having written, but not necessarily the actual writing. I can kind of relate sometimes. But usually I love both. I love writing, but having written is great. To me, writing is like chasing after that next high; the current project was good, but now its on to the next one. and the one after that. I have enough projects planned to keep me fat and giggly for the next two centuries. Now you can see why I kinda have to find a way to live forever...toooo much to do, my friends.

Im gonna shut up now, speaking of work.

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