Sunday, August 28, 2011

OHHHH Irene, Cry Me a Blizzard

Hurricane Irene was a little bit of a bitch, but that was to be expected. No major damage on this end. Now shes just smacking us with wind and drizzles. I usually dont get too upset until I have to dig my car out of a mountain of ice, so a little wind and rain is okay with me.

On the writing front, probably nothing much is happening today. Im working on a project called Dimensions, but that wont be the final title; too generic, and really has nothing to do with the story--kinda. I recently finished the first draft of book 3 of The Road to The Golden Griffin series and its title is even more generic than Dimensions is right now...mostly because it doesn't really have one.
I also finished the second draft of another stand alone project Im working on which does have a pretty good working title but I wont reveal it here just yet; for one, the title may still change, and for two, titles make me nervous. Titles and back covers are what sell the book after all...and I guess it helps to be famous but anyway.

Tomorrow is another day.

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