Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pluggin Away Gleefully

So I had kind of a disappointing revelation last night. Disappointing might be the wrong word to use here...but anyways, it looks like the book that Dimensions will be is going to have to be two books instead. Despite my best halfhearted efforts to keep it a stand alone, its not to be. Not unless a publisher is willing to buy a 500,000+ word novel and find a way to print it. Im already up to 27,000 words and I might have just scratched the surface. If I keep going the way I am (and I really have no choice in the matter) to get everything I want to get in during this phase of the project Im looking at 200, 000 words. And that's just the first draft. Just the skeleton. When I start putting muscle and sinew on it, and all the necessary organs and vital components during the second draft, that 200,000 words will tend to bloat. My second drafts usually double, often times triple, and sometimes quadruple in size.
Of course, with the ensuing drafts I cut away the fat, give the body a liposuction, put it through its paces so it can sweat off the excess fluids in an effort to reach the right weight. But even with all that, Dimensions, in its final form, will be two books.

Now I'm stuck with the not-too-terrible dilemma of either finding the perfect place in the middle to stop, or to just write it the whole way through and make the proper adjustments after. As of now, I'm having way to much damn fun writing it so I'm just gonna plug on and see what happens.

All systems go. Have a pleasant flight today people.

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