Friday, September 23, 2011

The End Draws Nigh

Yeah so my self-imposed deadline of midnight last night came and went and I still didn't meet my goal. I even worked a good part of the day today trying to get it done but....No.
Its ok; as a first draft its pretty tight anyway even with the ending still floating about somewhere. There is an ending attached to it, but not THE ending.
Nevertheless, said project is now returning to the back burner.  October, and prob the rest of the year, is gonna be a busy time for me, starting with finishing a short story that has a non-self-imposed deadline, then finishing Road to The Golden Griffin 3, two more short stories, a stand alone novel, and then back to said project, if nothing else gets in the way first.

In other news, I'm 99% moved into my new place. Still have a few hurdles to conquer but by this time next week I will be officially and completely relocated.

With that said, Ill be entering the deadzone until then. World Builder Extraordinaire, signing off...

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