Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mr. Synopsis

The synopsis.
 I hate em. I hate writing them, I hate hate looking at them, and I hate the fact that they're necessary evils. I completely understand why most editors require them; why read the whole book if you can just skip though the major parts in a matter of minutes to find out if the mss sucks or not.
Doesn't change my opinion on them one bit. Writing a synopsis is easy if you have leeway.
What really causes me anxiety are the editors who require a one to three page synopsis in smf. For me to feel comfortable, I need a ten page min leeway, single-spaced, and a very open-minded editor.
The problem, obviously, is space. And yes, I also understand that shorter is better, but my brain doesn't work that way. What do I leave out? What do I need to put in? Blah!
Thats why I hate writing short stories. A short story in my world is 10, 000 to to 17,000 words. I have managed to get under those numbers a few times. Enigma of The Master Stone topped off at 10,000 words, but the first draft had been 15,000. ...And The Trees Looked Like Ghosts came in at around 7,500 words, and Lost in Shadow bottomed out at a light couple of k.
I even wrote a flash fiction story that I managed to trim down to 600 words! In fact, Ill post it next. Its kind of a funny story--kinds.
But , in general, I go big on story telling.
I remember one author said that any story could be boiled down to one sentence. Now, I don't know if she meant one continuous run-on sentence, but logically I'm sure she meant something a little more concise.
Here let me try it for Hero of Twilight, one sentence description: Awesome friggin story; alot of people die, alot of people live, bad shit happens, good shit happens, check it out.
I'm joking here of course, and I'm sure if I sat down and needed to produce something serious and effective, I could, but even my joke sentence was getting out of hand there.

Ok folks, enough ranting for one night. In the morning I do battle with the locals and this warrior needs his rest.

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