Friday, September 9, 2011

Some More 1% Stuff

Ok so maybe one person besides me will be interested in this post, and thats just a maybe. The reason being that the state of boxing is going steadily down hill. There are still great fights that could be made, and sometimes ARE even made, but, normally, no one wants to fight each other.
The first fight I ever watched was Leonard vs Hagler. I was too young to realize how important the fight had been to people back then and still is today...or how close the fight had really been. All I cared about was that I had 20 bucks on Leonard winning.
But anyway, that fight happened in the middle of the golden age of boxing. Some say the golden age was the 30s or the 50s; to me, even tho I wasnt alive for the majority of it, all the real mega-fights happened between 1972 and 1994.
After that, instead of there being a good fight once a week, there was a good fight every six months, but those fights were REALLY good.  Hollyfield/Tyson, Delahoya/Chavez, Delahoya/Tito, Bowe/Golota (even tho those bouts ended shitty) and there were the big name low marque fights that surprised everyone with their awesomeness; Mercer/Hollyfield, all of Tommy Morrisons fights, Byrd/Iabucchi, and a bunch of others that Ive forgotton about by now.
Then came the 2000s.
I have to admit, after a slight slump in the late 90s, boxing did come back with a vengeance from 2000 to 2004. It was (and therefore still is) the decade of wars: The three slugfests between Barrera and Morales were classic. And the three gore-filled fights between Ward and Gatti were legendary; Ward couldn't see straight for a year after the last fight, he was hit so hard. 
And then there were the could-have-beens.
The two fights between Corrales and Castillo were brutal and filled with controversy; a third fight never materializing on account of that controversy, followed by Corrales death.
To add to that category of could-have-beens, The Entire Heavyweight division. There has only been one significant heavyweight fight since 2000 and that was Lewis vs a washed up Tyson--in 2002.
Ask any casual boxing fan who the current heavyweight champion is and they wont be able to tell you.
Don King is the one man to blame for that. He had a monopoly on all the shitty heavyweights in the division, allied himself with the four sham sanctioning bodies and had himself a series of pointless heavyweight tournaments at the expense of the fans. It was nobodies and old men fighting each other in a 21st century version of the bum of the month club, and people lost interest.
And who is the heavyweight champ? Well, currently, there are three...yeah, three. The recognized champ is Wladimer Klitchko, and behind him is his brother Vitali. The third is Alexander Povetken.
Now all three are great fighters, but what other sport had three champions in one division? And sometimes theres four! Not including interim and regular titles.
The sad truth is that the old guard is gone; Tyson, Delahoya, Jones, Mosley, Gatti, Hollyfield, Barrera, Forrest, Corrales, Holmes, Haglar, etc, etc, either dead, retired, or faded.
The new guard is in full swing and its we have guys (for now) like Paquio who are keeping the sport alive,  but who else is there?
The Old Timers say that the sport has been close to death before and had always come back strong. I do see soem bright lights in the sport, and whether it sucks or not, I wont stop supporting it.

Ok, so tonight starts off a weekend of boxing and now I get to play the booky.

The first fight are cruiserweights.  Kayode vs Cora; I like both guys but I have Kayode winning by a one point margin with a 75% chance of a draw.

Next is...who else? Klitchko (vitali) vs Thomas Ademek; Again, i like both guys but I have Ademek winning by a point for the upset and no chance for a draw.

There are other less significant fights, but lets see how good my insight is.

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