Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Sweet Science

There are three significant fights tonight in the boxing world, and like always, here are my predictions.

The first fight of least consequence is gonna be Erik Morales vs Cano.

Everyone knows who Morales is; I have no clue who Cano is. Based on his record, I give him a 30/70 chance of beating Morales. I would give him a much smaller chance of winning, but Morales has been wiggy in his last four or five fights, so: Morales with an early KO.

Next would be Saul Alvarez vs Alfonso Gomez.

Gomez is one of those guys I cant stand for several reasons. 1) Hes hyped up because he was on the 1st season of The Contender,,,big whoop...he really cant box for shit, and hes boring to watch.

Now Alvarez is a totally different story. I like the way he fights, he worked for his title, and he is fun to watch. But hes also very young. Even so, I have him beating the Go off of Gomez over 12 rounds.

Lastly: need I say it? Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz.

Floyd is undefeated in 41 fights...technically. I dont care what anyone says, Delahoya beat him soundly in 2006 talks.

Its never safe to bet agaisst Mayweather in any fight, and to be honest, I have him winning this fight by decision tonight, but not based on his skill alone.

Six years ago I thought for sure Gatti would school him: I was wrong. But that was the only time.

Before Hatton was knocked out by Floyd, hed been winning on my scorecard; but he was fighting five people instead of one that night. Every time Hatton got to work, Floyds fav referee, Cortez, would break it up and allow Floyd to elbow him in the face...and this was all night. And then you had the other three..the judges, who would never dare score a round against Pretty Boy Floyd.

Baldomer was a sleeper, Mosely is done, Marquez was too small, and Judah had a bad night.

Now we have Ortiz...Im a huge fan, especially after his last fight. He was mentally weak in the Maidana fight but I think tonight hes gonna give Floyd a hurtin,

I have Mayweather winning 58/42...but heres how I see the fight: Floyd usually daydreams for the first three rounds. Victor is gonna hurt him badly, possibly even knocking him down. 4th round, if Floyd survives, will see Floyd closing his defense and potshotting Victor, discouraging him, putting doubts in his head. By the sixth or seventh round, Floyd will drop Ortiz, hurt him bad, but wont finish him. Come the late rounds, after surviving a KO, Ortiz will be overflowing with confidence and going on the attack, smashing Floyd from all sides as Floyd tries to hang on: And he will hang on, and he will be allowed ti because guess who the ref is? Yup..Cortez. And even tho Ortiz would have one the fight, the three judges will have already given every round to Floyd.

But with just a little luck, Ortiz will knock Floyd out cold so we wont ever have to see MONEY bore us ever again--J

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