Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Beat

Yesterday, or somewhere around then, I reached the halfway point of the current draft of Stand-Alone Project Number One, so still going along smoothly there and its been fun to write; like I said before,Im gonna miss it when it comes time to part with it but such is life.

Gonna be a slow weekend for writing with Halloween coming up and all the little extracurriculars but some will get done; its like breathing; I cant live without it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday! Sunday!

Stand-Alone Project is going along good. Running it through its Third Draft phase now, strengthening, cutting, polishing, changing, finalizing, all that good stuff.
I love all my stories, but I love them to different degrees. This one is up there. Sometimes Ill be writing something and will be glad when its done. But projects like this I never want to finish because I'm that attached; which is dangerous because that's when I end up with a 500,000 word monster.
But I know how to discipline myself and this project wont be anywhere close to that mark.
Now as for Dimensions...that's a different story.
Taken the day off today to hang with my son; him and I will be busy plotting to take over the world.
Tomorrow, back to said project.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another One For The Road..

Road To The Golden Griffin 3 in done, wrapped up, and sent to Wolfsinger.

Next on my agenda is the finishing of a stand-alone project i started awhile ago. Shouldn't take me too long. If I put my nose to the grindstone I can probably have it done before x-mas; which would be good because the better part of 2012 will be taken up by either Long-Running Project Number One, or Dimensions---maybe both. So this is my break before I turn on Hermit Mode and hide in my bunker until I get things accomplished.

And, speaking of break, Im taking the night off for some old school gaming.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

About That One Percent From Last Night

WOW! Another ridiculous night of boxing action.

Emphasis on ridiculous.

Only one of my four predictions came true, but thats not why Im whining.

Paulie won by a wide margin; as I said he would, Linares almost won until his face fell apart; Garcia won fair and square (unfortunately) but Bernard Hopkins...really? Ok, so Dawson threw Hopkins off him, but why was Hopkins on top of him in the first place? And now Hopkins has a supposedly injured shoulder.

Heres my take: during the whopping 2 rounds which took place, Dawson was ripping Hopkins with left hands....and then Hopkins found an out before he could get knocked out. But even tho Dawson got the win (a tko victory which will soon be overruled) in controversial fashion, I agree with him; NO REMATCH for Hopkins; who wants to see his acting again? Not me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Something For Everybody

(warning, some 1% down below)

Taking the day off from writing to hang with my little guy. As of last night Im a third done with the third draft of Golden Griffin 3; hows that for redundant? But true story.
Tomorrow Ill get back again and close the gap some more.

And for some 1%

Tomorrow night Bernard Hopkins goes up against BAD Chad Dawson, and like always, I have some unofficial odds, predictions, and cheap commentary.

The undercard has some notable fights as well.

The first fight of the card will be (forgive any misspellings)  Paulie Malinagi vs Lora.

Ive been a fan of Paulie for about six years. I usually dont like guys who cant punch, but Paulie is...well, Paulie, and if you dont know you should check him out.
But unfortunately, not only does he have hands of cotton, but he has hands of glass too and he usually ends up breaking one or the other (or both) during the course of a fight.
Bias and hands aside, I have Paulie winning 70/30 by a lopsided decision.

Holt vs Garcia

Garcia is a young southpaw who hits so hard that if he tapped you on the top of your head your ankles would shatter.
But Im a fan of Holt, hes a do-or-die warrior with a weak chin and that makes for good fights.
Its gonna be a close one, but I have Holt winning 51/49.

Linares vs Demarco

Not much to say on these two. Both are good, hungry fighters who wont lay down for anyone. But I have Linares winning 52/48

And finally, Hopkins, the man who never grows old against Dawson, the future of the light-heavyweight division.

But guess what? I saw Hopkins getting a little old in his last fight and if Dawson can maintain his confidence, its possible to see a first-time-ever knockout of B-Hop.

But, with that said, I have B-Hop winning 52/48 due to experience and craftiness.

The Worldbuilder Extraordinaire has spoken. Dont shoot the messenger.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still on The Road

Been writing my face off lately; which is just the way I like it. Who needs a face anyway?

I'm about two thirds of the way done with the second draft of Road To The Golden Griffin 3. Ill be able to stitch that up early next week then dive right into the third draft. Other than a face, who needs sleep?

I sometimes like it when I get surprises in between drafts. Yesterday a character appeared (and even a minor variation to the plot thread he was on) who had no real reason to be there, though I did give him false hope.  Easily remedied. But one time, in my earlier fledgling days, I wrote half a novel with one character named one thing, and then the rest of the novel with the character having a completely different name.

Shit happens.

I'm getting y ass back on The Road. Kingdoms to save, people to kill. Until next time World.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On The Road Again

Where am I? Oh finished that first draft last night, now Im gonna put it aside so it can couldn't tell by looking at it, but its still pretty rough...the second draft is gonna be alot of fun/work in getting all the dents out; there are some slight timing, pacing, character issues that need to be squashed; a hell of alot of detail that needs to be added, and some major plot lines that need to be pulled taught....other than that its ready tpo go--lol

I sent in another small project yesterday to the Editor all I have to do is wait.

For the next bunch of weeks Ill be working on Road To The Golden Griffin 3....if all goes awesome, I should have it done before the end of November.

And that's where I'm going now; back on The Road. Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Ive officially returned from the moving slash headache grinder abyss. I'm all moved in to the new digs; pretty sweet. I even got some work done yesterday and a crapload done today. Still tying up the first draft of the project I failed to finish before moving; working on that more tonight.
I did get the second and third drafts done on another smaller project I'm working on. I'm gonna do a final draft of that tomorrow, a final read, then send it off to the Editor Gods.
I should finish the other first draft this week, then its on to the third draft of another I have hanging around...and so on...
Theres nothing in the foreseeable future that should prevent me from writing for long periods of heres to the future. Let the fun begin.

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