Sunday, October 16, 2011

About That One Percent From Last Night

WOW! Another ridiculous night of boxing action.

Emphasis on ridiculous.

Only one of my four predictions came true, but thats not why Im whining.

Paulie won by a wide margin; as I said he would, Linares almost won until his face fell apart; Garcia won fair and square (unfortunately) but Bernard Hopkins...really? Ok, so Dawson threw Hopkins off him, but why was Hopkins on top of him in the first place? And now Hopkins has a supposedly injured shoulder.

Heres my take: during the whopping 2 rounds which took place, Dawson was ripping Hopkins with left hands....and then Hopkins found an out before he could get knocked out. But even tho Dawson got the win (a tko victory which will soon be overruled) in controversial fashion, I agree with him; NO REMATCH for Hopkins; who wants to see his acting again? Not me.

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