Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On The Road Again

Where am I? Oh finished that first draft last night, now Im gonna put it aside so it can couldn't tell by looking at it, but its still pretty rough...the second draft is gonna be alot of fun/work in getting all the dents out; there are some slight timing, pacing, character issues that need to be squashed; a hell of alot of detail that needs to be added, and some major plot lines that need to be pulled taught....other than that its ready tpo go--lol

I sent in another small project yesterday to the Editor all I have to do is wait.

For the next bunch of weeks Ill be working on Road To The Golden Griffin 3....if all goes awesome, I should have it done before the end of November.

And that's where I'm going now; back on The Road. Hope to see you there.

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