Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gobble, Gobble

Yeah so, current project is kicking my ass, as predicted. I don't mind. The main issue now is chapter structuring, which has never been a problem for me before but this time the actual LOOK of the chapters are vital to the story, which isn't  exactly linear. And it has to be done in such a way that a future reader can understand it and follow along  without getting bogged down in a maze of confusion.
I think I have it down now but its still early in the going.
I also need to be extra careful with the foreshadowing here; there are things happening in Book 1 which will effect Books 2 and 3 so a mess up now could be disastrous.
But on that note, I'm gonna give my battered brain a break for a couple of days. Ill return to the ass-kicking war on Monday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy This!

j/k, no Occupying here.

I'm in the process of packaging up my new standalone novel so I can go and find it a nice home; the only problem is, it became a four book saga overnight, so I hope that whoever takes it in will like his brothers and sisters too.

Someday I WILL write a standalone. Someday. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, or next year, or...well, you get the point.

My problem is complexity. I don't like simple stories, but I don't like ones that leave alot of threads hanging either.

Someday Ill master the craft of the short yarn. Someday.

Monday I'm moving on to another project I have waiting in the wings and in my darkest thoughts. The one I mentioned several times before and its a big one...a difficult one too. Waiting in the months ahead of me will be long, coffee-filled battles of plot-working, pacing, character developments, contradiction eliminations, dueling heavily with the passive voice, and a host of other unforeseen struggles.

But I feel that its a great (and epic) story so all the blood, sweat, and ulcers will be well worth it once the finished project is revealed.

Like Ive said, I plan on working on it--unless something else comes up--until its finished, so that will take me into next year, and maybe even into a good chunk of the year at least. My blog posts may slack during that time, but all for the better.

I should be announcing some excitement soon, just waiting for the call...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Been on somewhat of a writing marathon this week; making up for lost time during the power outage.
I'm almost done with the current-draft-of-the-current-stand-alone-project-yet-to-be-named. Its all coming along really well and I should have it done by friday, then Ill be taking the weekend off (maybe) and starting again on Monday to bang out the final draft.

All said it should be done by mid December at the latest, then Id just need to prepare it to be sent out and then...send it.

I like to put alot of deep feeling into my work with my main goal being to make the reader feel something; either happy, sad, scared, stunned, speechless, thoughtful, angry, and anything and everything in between. Thats why I write about somethings that hard to think about and that some people might try to avoid.

Reading for many--myself included--is an escape from reality, a break from real life.

Which is fine, but I also like to read stories that, after Im done reading them, I close the book and say: Thank God that didn't just happen!

Thats the sentiment I want to get across in this current story.

Where Hero of Twilight went to some pretty dark and deep places, there was always a happy little light at the end of the tunnel (I cant promise the same for the ensuing books in The Golden Griffin Series).

The Hunters and When The Bones Speak were both created to make people think, and to creep them out.

Remembering Crystals was supposed to be a relatable story about how screwed up human love is.

And while all my stories make me feel something, or have made me the end of a project, after five or six drafts and then some, I sometimes get a little desensitized with the subject matter until I take a lengthy break from it.

Not here baby. I started this project about three or four years ago and there are parts that still get to me.

So, that's what I been doing and I'm gonna get to it/

Friday, November 4, 2011

In A Land Wihout Time

Still trying to claw my way back into the real world after the most recent power outage. It was definitely a character building experience for me. I never have time to reflect on life and all of its little issues and, after a week of doing so, I remember why I never make time for it.
Over the week of being alone without power, Ive learned several things:

1) I could never deal with being in prison, especially isolation.

2) I hate CG graphics and aliens who have Italian accents.

3) Sals pizza tastes all right cold.

4) The country singing terrorist next door to me never really shuts up even without his radio blaring.

5) Ill probably never  try to read cryptonomicon again.

6) Its not ok to ask the people at Hanafords for a plastic bag; especially if they already filled your reusable bags.

7) Hypothermia inst as bad as it sounds.

8) I only need 2 big things in my life and two small things to be comfortable.

9) I really hate National Grid.

10) 2011 was a bad year to be a bad guy.

I got back to writing yesterday and managed to get a crapload done; and I plan to do the same today. This weekend is Halloween part 2. Hopefully there wont be any freak snowstorms...ha...ha...ha

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