Friday, November 4, 2011

In A Land Wihout Time

Still trying to claw my way back into the real world after the most recent power outage. It was definitely a character building experience for me. I never have time to reflect on life and all of its little issues and, after a week of doing so, I remember why I never make time for it.
Over the week of being alone without power, Ive learned several things:

1) I could never deal with being in prison, especially isolation.

2) I hate CG graphics and aliens who have Italian accents.

3) Sals pizza tastes all right cold.

4) The country singing terrorist next door to me never really shuts up even without his radio blaring.

5) Ill probably never  try to read cryptonomicon again.

6) Its not ok to ask the people at Hanafords for a plastic bag; especially if they already filled your reusable bags.

7) Hypothermia inst as bad as it sounds.

8) I only need 2 big things in my life and two small things to be comfortable.

9) I really hate National Grid.

10) 2011 was a bad year to be a bad guy.

I got back to writing yesterday and managed to get a crapload done; and I plan to do the same today. This weekend is Halloween part 2. Hopefully there wont be any freak snowstorms...ha...ha...ha

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