Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Been on somewhat of a writing marathon this week; making up for lost time during the power outage.
I'm almost done with the current-draft-of-the-current-stand-alone-project-yet-to-be-named. Its all coming along really well and I should have it done by friday, then Ill be taking the weekend off (maybe) and starting again on Monday to bang out the final draft.

All said it should be done by mid December at the latest, then Id just need to prepare it to be sent out and then...send it.

I like to put alot of deep feeling into my work with my main goal being to make the reader feel something; either happy, sad, scared, stunned, speechless, thoughtful, angry, and anything and everything in between. Thats why I write about somethings that hard to think about and that some people might try to avoid.

Reading for many--myself included--is an escape from reality, a break from real life.

Which is fine, but I also like to read stories that, after Im done reading them, I close the book and say: Thank God that didn't just happen!

Thats the sentiment I want to get across in this current story.

Where Hero of Twilight went to some pretty dark and deep places, there was always a happy little light at the end of the tunnel (I cant promise the same for the ensuing books in The Golden Griffin Series).

The Hunters and When The Bones Speak were both created to make people think, and to creep them out.

Remembering Crystals was supposed to be a relatable story about how screwed up human love is.

And while all my stories make me feel something, or have made me the end of a project, after five or six drafts and then some, I sometimes get a little desensitized with the subject matter until I take a lengthy break from it.

Not here baby. I started this project about three or four years ago and there are parts that still get to me.

So, that's what I been doing and I'm gonna get to it/

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