Sunday, December 11, 2011

Writing, Re-Writing and More Writing

Working away on the current project. The second draft is killing me in the timeline department; Im wrestling with a complex plot that spans many years with many things happening concurrently and others having to be done way before or way after the present while at the same time the present events need to transpire accordingly.
Another problem Im dealing with is characters and their placement. Over the years Ive changed some of these characters and their roles so much that a few of them are homeless and others have become doppelgangers that need to die or morph with something else.
Im not expecting this to make sense; Im having trouble making sense of it myself but Im well into the process of figuring it out.
On the plus side, in my biased opinion, the story is I think the final product will be worth the gray hairs and the accompanying hypertension.

In one other piece of news, Ive finished outlining Dimensions into a trilogy but I wont be working on that again until this beast is off my desk; that's it for now, happy holidays--J

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