Sunday, January 15, 2012

Its Next Year Again

I'm about 50% done with the current draft of the current novel.

After this draft there will be three more for sure and maybe more if I find out that any part of it still needs work. This beast is colossal so there is large room for error (typos, contradictions, etc, etc,) but hopefully seven or eight drafts will be enough to minimize all that. For my smaller works I usually do around five drafts and for my short short work 2 or three depending.

And what a ride this one has been.

Its weird to think that the entire story developed within the flashing neurons of my mind to form something so bizarre and interesting that I had to translate it down on least a wp program.

And from there, in the first draft, (really the beta draft now) it grew from a brain seed into two semi-thin, partially related story arcs. A few years later, in the second draft (beta two) I fleshed out those arcs, and then each grew several branches that needed to be trimmed and molded into a proper form. Then, a while later, I realized an awesome way to enhance all the plot and subplots and then that led to the REAL first draft, which involved me drinking gallons of coffee and banging my head against the keyboard as I reordered chapters and forced the beta drafts to bend to my will.

But after that was done and I began the second draft, I realized I had some major pacing and timing issues and then that eventually led to me (halfway through the second draft) creating a second draft part 2 (a first for me) which had me combining chapters, then breaking them apart again as I reordered them, fleshed them out, or cut them out completely. When that task was done I began the third draft (which is really like what?  The Sixth draft?)...the one I'm working on now and I must say the first half almost killed me. Sure all the pacing, timing, plot problems were fixed...but now Im left with the problem of connecting the dots (or scenes) which might sound easy to do but, in this case its not.

In theory its as simple as building a bridge from A to B and so on to Z...but it gets complicated when B has to end up at K and cant pass through J until the stuff with M is taken care of, and M is closed for monsoon season and Y needs to be attended to before anything can get to Z, which is important because N, O, P, and R all need to wind up at Z eventually but only after they have backtracked to D and E who must first wait for the construction of B to complete,,,yeah yeah yeah you get the point.

Other than that I'm still having fun writing it and I'm still in love with the story.

Judging by the time it took to get me to this point, I'm thinking Ill be done with this current draft by early you might not hear from me until then,,,especially since I hate February on principle and refuse to participate in all the tomfoolery it has to offer.

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