Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Forvian Sphere

Taken a break from the current project today, (current and project are both kind of inaccurate descriptions since I have many current projects but whatever)  to recharge my creative batteries. This project here is actually the sequel to another book of mine that's coming out this Oct called The Forvian Sphere, the first book in my End of The Nonari series, a science-fiction story about survival as the familiar world goes to pot, transforming into a melting collage of chaos, danger, hope, instinct, betrayal, luck, and love...its a story about one man and many, one species and all, about the survival of the strongest and smartest,  and about what happens to the weak and the slow when all is said and done, and its also a story about one dying world....or possibly many dying worlds combined.

The question will be: what is a thing willing to do to survive when the deck is stacked impossibly against it?

The answer may lie in The Forvian Sphere, which itself lies within the heart of The Nonari, which itself might be part of something far larger and indefinitely  more complex...only one thing is certain, everything within The Nonari is black and white, except where the edges meet.

The sequel (which is still without a title since the titles of all my books usually, with little exception, come to me in the later drafts) will continue where The Forvian Sphere leaves off and so on; its gonna take me seven books to complete the story but don't be mistaken; the series is called The End of The Nonari for a reason; this isn't gonna be your average lets follow the main characters through X-many books where they survive all these impossible feats with little more than a scratch or, at worse, a missing limb or an eye. The world is ending and bad things are gonna happen to everyone involved; main characters you meet in Book 1 may not be there in Book 7. Does that leave room for a happy ending?? As Robert Jordan was famous for saying: RAFO!

Tomorrow its back to work. I have a target date of finishing the sequel by Aug 1st but in reality its prob gonna be a little later. I hope to def have it finished by the time Forvian Sphere comes out which would be, like I said, mid-Oct.

Then I have to finish giant mystery project, then Ill write Book 3 of The Nonari, and by then it should be time to write book 4 of The Golden Griffin Series (book 3 is already done and delivered but no pub date yet) and then depending on time Ill go back to working on the fabled Dimensions project, or I just might do Nonari 4 instead....time will tell.

Ok, Im shutting up now. Probably wont be blogging until Oct comes around but now you all know what Ill be doing until then. Have a good summer, all!

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