Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chapter Challenge

Spent all day yesterday and today working on a massive scene within the confines of an equally massive chapter.

I never alter a story due to chapter lengths: if the story calls for a one page chapter then I write a one page chapter; if the story calls for a thirty page chapter, same thing, I write thirty pages or however many it takes to get the story to where it's supposed to be.

But I still get leery when my chapters go "too long".

I think it's because I'm weird when I read. I never could just take a book and read it from front to back without knowing when I'll be able to stop, so every chapter I count how many pages there are till the next chapter; if its a good book, I dont really care how long I have to read, but if the book is so-so and I know I got 15+ pages to go...thats kind of a bummer.

I try to remedy this with my books by trying to make every chapter, no matter how long or short, not suck. I probably don't always succeed, but thats my intended goal.

And I have nothing against long chapters in other books; Ive read some awesome long chapters; I just felt like talking about chapters I guess--wink

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