Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Almighty Blog

I tried to escape but the blog's gravity is too strong so here I am. When the blog calls, you answer.

Thing's are going awesome on the writing front. I'm about halfway done with the second draft of Book 2 of The End of The Nonari, so right on schedule. I got about two more drafts to do but at least one of those drafts will contain alot of re-writes, heavy editing, hair pulling and gallons of coffee. Even so, I think that if I dont sleep or stop to eat much, I can get the final product done by mid Aug.


I've also tentatively decided, that if no other project deadlines fall into my lap, that Im gonna jump immediately to Book 3 of The Nonari series after I finish Book 2. Writing one book in a series and then working on the sequel right after is something that I've never done before. My reason being that I was afraid of the"burnout" factor. It was only a theory of mine, kind of like watching seven episodes of a show in a row on TV; the first three episodes might hold your interest but then your risking boredom and anxiousness by episodes five and six--even if the show's awesome .

Then again its possible to love all seven episodes and yearn for more. And my issue here is: I'm lovin The Nonari Series and when I finished The Forvian Sphere, I wanted to get to work on Book 2 right away but stopped myself, in fear of burnout, and then went on to work on my other projects, including Book 3 of The Golden Griffin series. The problem then was, when it came time to come back to The Nonari, my mind was still floating in fantasy world when it should have been in sci-fi mode and it was hard to switch gears; it was like watching an marathon of the Smurfs, then changing the channel to watch Voltron.

Long story short, Im back in Nonari mode and Im gonna experiment and stick working on it for a while. If the burnout comes, I'll squash it and keep going. I think its an awesome story on many levels and I hope all my future readers will feel the same once the whole arc is out there. I know I cant wait, but its gonna be sad for me at the same time, I love to write and hang with my characters all day/all week so the words THE END are kind of a mixed bag for me.

If anyone's interested in Book 1 of The End of The Nonari, here's a blog I posted about a month back: The Forvian Sphere  It will give you a rough idea on what Book 1 is about, as well as the series as a whole. As the pub dates get closer I'll be posting more and more spoiler-free info, but for now heres a teaser of a teaser.

Also, my first born twins The Hero of Twilight and The Threat of Saint Flesh are feeling left out with all the attention The Nonari has been getting; if anyone could visit them and leave them a review, Im sure they'd cheer up.

Ok, I gotta go back to work. Be back soon--wink


  1. Got Saint Flesh read and just waiting to get time to get a review written. It won't be lonely for that much longer hopefully.

  2. lol, Thanks, Scott! The Saint and I appreciate it deeply.


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