Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wanna Get Published?

If the answer is yes, then you probably wanna know the best and fastest way to do so.

How do I get published? Its a common question, you see it on blogs, on forums, people hunt down their favorite authors and ask them even tho they've heard the same question a million times that week and vow to kill the next person who asks it.

So whats the answer? Its probably the most cliche answer in the literary world: read a lot, write a lot, send what you write into an editor. If the editor likes it, they will buy it and BAM! published. Take it from there.

Thats the basic formula. Of course, you will also need time you don't have and the ability to sit in front of a computer, or a word-processor, or a type writer, or a notebook and rip that story from your head and smack it down on paper in a way that makes sense and how you want it to appear to others when they read it--if they ever do.

Sound easy?

Laugh Out Loud.

To add to all that you may have to deal with rejection. Not everybody gets rejected, but most do. Editors get a lot of flak when they reject a piece but put yourself in their shoes. Depending on the house, they can get anywhere from dozens to thousands of submissions a month; think about how you feel when you try to get through one bad book; now times that by a hundred and make it your job. So cut them some slack when you get that cold rejection notice.

And rejection in the writing world aint that bad, In the real world if you do bad at a job interview, you'll never get another chance at being hired. Ever. In the writing word, you can get rejected a million times and the same editor will keep the door open for you, looking for that one gem you might produce.

The last ingredient to the overall formula is to simply not give up--ever. That is, if you want to get published.

So now, go read a lot, write a lot, and then send what you've written to an editor or three (but one at a time only; no simultaneous subs), get rejected, or not, don't give up either way, and then BAM! published. Its that easy--and between you and me: coffee helps.

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