Thursday, August 30, 2012

And The Results Are....

IN! but I cant tell you which book won yet. Ill reveal the winner in this weeks Six Sentence Sunday..

I should have called it a secret ballot since 99.9% voted by email. (the other .1% somebody told me what they wanted face-to-face; which was good, but now I don't have any official record of it)

Given the success of this, it got me thinking about more ways for readers to get interactive. As things come to me Ill post them here and let the fun begin.

For now Im plugging away on Nonari Book 3. Making good progress though I might take a break after the first draft to do some mini-projects for several upcoming anthologies. Those ideas are still brewing and I have time to get them in, so for now 100% focus on Book 3.

And with that said, I'm shutting up and going to work.

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