Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book 3

Started work on the 3rd Nonari Book a day early---big whoop right?

I cant help myself. I always tell myself that I'm gonna take a break between books, a week or two, and if I'm lucky if I stay away for a few days. But when I'm not writing I wanna be, so I rather be permanently mentally exhausted than bored for even a second. I don't have any other hobbies really; none that would take up the vast amounts of time I use when Im writing to work I go.

Not that I can really call it work.

I got a great response from doing Six Sentence Sunday last week so I'm gonna def do it again this weekend. This time around the sentences will be from Threat of Saint Flesh. I'm gonna have to pick out an awesome scene that wont contain spoilers for those who haven't read Hero of Twilight. Might be tricky.

Week after that I might do The Forvian Sphere or another from Hero of Twilight; maybe Ill have a vote??

I think I will.

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