Friday, August 17, 2012

Done Done Done

Just finished and sent in the second installment of The Nonari Series, so thats cookin; now to take a deep breath and get to work on Book 3....but not tonight. Im beat--lol.

Probably some time this weekend Ill be doing a promotional blog post for The Magazine of F & SF; Im just waiting for the mag to show up.

And def keep an eye out on the blog for Six Sentence Sunday. For those who don't know what Six Sentence Sunday is, check back here on Sunday and you'll find out; plus it will give those who haven't read The Hero of Twilight a free taste. 

You can also check out the first chapters of  Hero of Twilight and The Threat of Saint Flesh for free by clinking on the links on this side--------> of the blog.

Ok Im shutting the commercial off now, time for boxing and coffee--J

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