Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Editing and The Hard Scene

I'm almost halfway done with the final read of the second Nonari Book (why don't you give us a title, Jay? Answer: because I'm superstitious and don't release titles to my books until I have the contract in hand and signed; I'm weird like that) and it never ceases to amaze me when I still find typos and weak spots within the writing, even after four or five edits, going line by line, they're still there, and even after I know for a fact that Ive edited it to the point of exhaustion, the prose perfected, all the weak spots hammered out, I know that when its time for final edits there will be more bugs after it comes back from the editor. Thats just the way it is. It happens to a lot of writers, big ones too, like George Martin who had to fix his on the spot while he was doing a live reading. You can edit all you want, typos and other blemishes are like roaches: for every one you kill, there's a another hundred waitin to eat your  cheerios.

Speaking of George Martin and of being almost halfway done with the final read, Im coming up on a heart-wrenching scene that I had to write not once, but over five times, going back to it again and again and each time was harder than the one before; not due to the actual writing, but because of the content.

In all of my books my aim is to make the reader feel something: Happy, mad, sad, embarrassed, uncomfortable, crazy, intoxicated, any combination thereof , and anything pretty much other than being disgusted or depressed; I do want my readers to come back, duh! But in order to make a reader feel in such a way, the writer needs to write something in such a way to trigger those emotions and sometimes thats easier said than written.

Sometimes, not very often, I WILL shy away from writing something that's too extreme.  In my books, nothing is off limits but there are certain things I cant handle like kids dying or getting raped, etc, etc...that doesnt mean I wont write about them if thats what the story calls for, but if I had to it would be a bad day for writing.

I call these Hard Scenes. The Hero of Twilight has one, though many people might not agree and Book 3 of The Golden Griffin Series has one: a worse one than in Hero of Twilight. The Forvian Sphere and The Threat of Saint Flesh dont have any, tho they have their share of uncomfortable, edge of your seat moments.

The one Im about to read right now is about equal in Hardness to that within Book 3 of The Golden Griffin series.

The things I do for a story (sigh)

On the bright side, they're only made up characters right????

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