Friday, August 24, 2012

Krull vs Willow

So I was complaining a while back that I wanted to watch the movie Krull again to see if it still stood up. Itd been at least ten years since Id seen it last...but maybe closer to 20. I finally got to see most of it recently thanks to the wonders of modern technology.
Now, my impression of the movie back when Id first seen it was that it wasn't exactly an A movie but it def wasn't a B movie either. It was one of those things that you watched on HBO at like 3am but nothing great. But I also remember it being personally awesome to me and it still is. It did bomb in theaters and I can see why though I cant put my finger on it. Special effect and story-wise I thought everything was solid but it doesn't have that blockbuster muscle. I even did a little research to see what other people thought of the movie and found that the majority of people hated it, some for the story, some for the lame humor, but most only hated it because there was Sci-fi elements tainting their otherwise Fantasy-filled movie.
I was the same way back in the day; I didn't want laser beams interfering with my swords or robots messing with my knights. But, in my older years here, I find myself not caring so much. I like fantasy and I like why not both at the same time?
Like I said, I can sympathize with the purists out there, but even back when I first saw Krull the science/fantasy didn't bother me and it still doesn't.
Bottom line, Krull still rocks.

During my research of Krull I came across the movie Willow as well, which I had always thought was a great movie and which I had always thought was another commercial flop. But it wasn't. it actually made some money in theaters just not as much as George Lucas might of wanted: which is usually the moon. I haven't seen it recently but I'm sure it still holds up as well...but as much as Krull, I don't know.

I also came upon Enemy Mine, which was and still is (to me) another awesome movie that tanked in theaters. That one kind of boggles my mind. Its a straight up sci-fi flick with a killer story line. I guess critics might zone in on the Drac being a pregnant hermaphrodite and Micky Mouse being called a god, and how Dennis Quaid pretty much irks everyone, but take that all away, I think its still an awesome, 3am HBO movie.

And it could be worse: people could have made sequels or remakes of these movies. Take Beast Master for instance: awesome movie but the sequel? WTF were they thinking? Thats all I'm gonna say about that...and there's a part 3 too apparently, which I haven't watched and never will, hopefully.

I think a Krull 2, Willow 2, or an Enemy Mine 2 would be massive mistakes. Don't mess with perfection, though Willow does have a literary sequel in the form of a trilogy. Ive read a little of it. My review: Yuck.

And dont get me started on remakes.

Just don't.

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