Saturday, August 18, 2012

Magazine of Fantasy&ScienceFiction

Received my copy of the Sept/Oct issue of F&SF and gave it a read through. All the stories within are generally good and well written but Give Up by Richard Butner, A Diary From Deimos by Michael Alexander, and Troll Blood, by Peter Dickinson were the three that stood out for me of the bunch.

Its hard to talk about any of the stories without letting any spoilers slip but, suffice to say, there's a little something for everybody in this issue. Those who are already subscribed to the mag are in for their usual treat, but for those that aren't, this might be the perfect issue in which to start.

Either way, it wouldn't hurt to check out their website: F&SF  

The website has a bunch of information, offers, free reviews of current titles and a whole lot else. Its worth checkin out.

I'm gonna end the night by reading more of my issue now.

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