Monday, August 20, 2012

Notes To Self

Spent the day workin on notes for Book 3 of The Nonari Series. Not much to it; I know the story of the entire series, ending, all the major scenes leading up to it, what has to happen, what might happen, and what will happen, but each individual book needs a few fine details on paper to go with those already in my head.

Back in the day I would spend days, weeks, a month or two outlining, rigorously ironing out every small detail, and basically writing the entire novel in a bland monotone. And when it came time to write the actual novel, I found the process rigid and boring, going from Point A to B to C with no surprises, no room to move, and the writing suffered for it. If my heart wasn't into it,  it was gonna show and I couldn't expect a reader to dish out money or their personal time reading something that sucks.

Thats why I was surprised how easy it was to write without the outline anchor; the first book I tried that with was Hero of Twilight. I spent a few days drawing maps and building nations and then I detailed (slightly) Points A (beginning of series) through Point Z (end of Series) without adding all the fluff that bridged all those scenes. The details exist in my head, as do the intact scenes, but the story flows more organically, less linear, without those bridges and the outline anchor. I know That I need to get from Point A to Z, but unlike with an outline, I can do it whatever way I want, and in my case, I think it makes for better story telling.
Where back in the day I would have whole notebooks dedicated to a single Book, now I have one or two pages, give or take a couple.

So that's that. I plan on starting the actual writing of Book 3 on Wed. I wanna start right now but my brain is still creatively recharging after being spent on Book 2....but by Wed I should be back to it.

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