Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review Of Saint Flesh

Below is a pretty decent review of The Threat of Saint Flesh. There are some slight spoilers for those who haven't read Hero of Twilight but nothing major.

Now, its a common misconception that my books are children's books. Maybe its the covers, maybe its the series name Golden Griffin, I don't know. Maybe Ill change the name to Killer Griffin and ask the cover artist to add more blood to the next cover--lol But for a future note, and whoever reads this, please spread the word: I Do Not Write Children's Books. Scott (the reviewer) had it right that Saint Flesh was High School appropriate, but even then Id rate it R. (old fashioned, I know)

Heres the review for those interested in reading it: Review of Saint Flesh and I want to thank Scott P for putting out the word and for the work he does with other writers.

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