Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Hero of Twilight

Im doing Six Sentence Sunday. For those not in the know, its where you take any six sentences from anything you've written, published or not, and then post them. The six below are from Hero of Twilight, when Abigail was telling Bathmal what had been happening in Twilight of late.

“This one,” Abigail went on, “Demon-Before-The-Sword, arrived in the north of Illerland five years ago. Well, he didn’t come himself—-not powerful enough yet, you see?—-but sent his dark champion, Venok, in his place. It’s said that Venok walked right into the throne room of the capital, that the guards who tried to stop him withered and shriveled to black rags before getting to within paces of the abomination, and that he went before the king and demanded his highness to cede the throne to his master.
“The king, mistaking stupidity for bravery, denied the champion and was killed outright, falling from his throne in a withered slump. Soon after that, Demon-Before-The Sword sent his fell armies across the land, using his devilknaps to weaken it, before sending Venok to mop up what was left. It was the devilknaps that stripped Twilight of our only mage and noble governor.

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