Sunday, August 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: The Threat of Saint Flesh

Ok, its Sunday again, and that means its time for Six Sentence Sunday, where writers, like myself, pick six sentences from anything they've written, published or not, and post it up for everyone to see. Kind of a free, no strings attached sample with easy viewing.

For me, personally, I only use material from my published or soon-to-be published works. That way, if a person is interested, they can actually purchase the book instead of getting just a tease.

I know we all hate getting teased---wink

Here are six sentences from The Threat of Saint Flesh, Book 2 of The Golden Griffin Series. This scene happens towards the end of the book during The Battle of Delldoan.

Chaos surrounded Camail and the bulk of her army. The battle was being fought along three hills, with hundreds of elf-like things casting deadly blue bolts and soldiers armed with pikes or swords who fought in a frenzy as another wicked being flew to and fro, casting down violet lightning upon the city. On the hill, adjacent to the one she stood on, a Deusite Temple sprawled, the outer wall hung heavily with bloated bodies. She was further disgusted to discover the black clouds hovering over the bodies were flies.
She shook her head as she returned her attention back to the battle surrounding her. Her Twilight soldiers were trying to push the sea of enemy back down the hill, fighting ferociously in between buildings, or what was left of them.

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And, as another reminder, you can read the first chapters to each book for free, here: Hero of Twilight  and here : Threat of Saint Flesh if interested and they can be purchased online everywhere books are sold.

Thanks for reading!!

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