Monday, August 27, 2012

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I mentioned that I would hold a vote to see what potential readers/readers would want to see in the next Six Sentence Sunday. The choices are:

The Hero of Twilight : the first book in an epic/heroic fantasy saga.

The Threat of Saint Flesh : the sequel to Hero of Twilight.

The Forvian Sphere : A science-fiction yarn with elements of Dying Earth,  Hard SF, alot of Soft SF, and a pinch of Cyberpunk.

Those are the choices on the ballot. To vote on which one you want to see next week, simply comment here on the post, or email me here Jason J Sergi , or you can Facebook me, hit me up on Twitter, smoke signals, whatever method you use I will find you. The poll closes Thursday morning ( Aug 30th). That morning I will compile the results from all the different sources and then I will post six sentences from the one you guys/gals chose on Six Sentence Sunday (Sept 2).

I'm gonna leave this post up here at the top until Thursday so everyone has a chance to see it. Its an Election Year so heres your chance to get some practice before November.

This should be interesting, wink

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