Thursday, September 27, 2012

Falling For Fall

September is officially in its death throes and Fall has blasted through Summers door. It certainly feels like Fall here in Sergiland.

Tis the season of pumpkins, ghosts, mass turkey executions,  more pumpkins, freezing rain, dead leaves, pumpkin seeds, scarecrows, (aka Tattie Boggles, if you're on The Nonari) stuffing, and then more pumpkins.

But for me especially, its the season for short stories. Its not something I ever plan to happen. For the first nine to ten months of the year I'm completely in Novel Mode, but for some reason every year at this time, Fall/Winter, my work tends to be drawn to the shorter stuff. Birds fly south for the winter, I write short stories. Its just nature I guess.

Ive mentioned some anthology stories that Ive been working on. I was supposed to do 3 but only 2 made it out the door, but they were good ones...obviously, or else they would have never left my sight. Their fate lies within the hands of The Editor Gods now.

But aside from that, Ive been splitting my days between working on The Nonari and the slew of short story ideas I have lined up that will put me through to the Spring. I cant expand too much on that now, unfortunately, but expect to hear big news (or should I say small news, harheeeeehaw) in that department and from The Nonari starting from here and  out over the next dozen weeks or so. Ill be posting the news here as it comes, along with contest info (this time readers have a chance to win money and other goods) and other fun stuff, so stay tuned. Until then, I wont bore you with anymore boring drivel.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bloody Sunday

Busy as usual in Sergiland. Finished the second drafts for both anthology stories and finished an outline for a sci-fi novella that I may start tonight.

Tomorrow I go back to work on Nonari 3 for the first part of the day, then I have to find a way to shave off 86 words of one of the antho stories, which is funny since I have to eighty-six those 86 words; but that's easier said than done, especially since I already cut over 150 earlier today. Ill make it happen somehow; I usually do.

I also have that partial short story to work on, and I aint letting that get away until its awesome, and I have a really cool idea for a fantasy story; Ive had it for a while actually (at least 3 years) but the one time I tried to write it, I couldnt make it work.

I think I can figure it out tho, which will be cool since Ive never read a story like it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Antho! Antho! Antho!

Battle sceno, completo.

Spent the morning sketching out the next bunch of chapters for Nonari 3. Its a good technique I learned over the years, summarizing groups of chapters, that way I can focus more on the current chapter without keeping the rest in my head, and so on.

I also spent a good part of the day working on one of those pesky anthology stories and its coming along pretty awesome if I must say. I also got a bite on another of the anthology stories but that one still needs time to cook. As for the third one...dead in the water as it stands. The story is too convoluted to be any good within the confines of the intended anthology. However, I do plan on reversing somethings within the story, tweaking the hell out of it, and then turning it into a pretty rad short story for a reg sci-fi mag.

The main reason I don't write all that many short stories is because they're too short. most of the time. Give me a word count and I will meet it and then go way beyond it, even if the limit is the classic 7,500 words. Ive done it, will do it again, I just find it easier to write a 100,000+ word novel than a five thousand word ss.

But alas, some stories can only be told through short work, and I will tell them, even if I go blind and it kills me. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nonari Nooz

Been working on another battle scene of late. I'm talking about Nonari Book 3 of course and I wish I could be more specific without dropping spoilers but I cant. I can say, however, that this current battle shares a scene with one in Book 2;  tho its far from the last battle of the book. This will be the largest and longest of the three existing novels since it a part of the overall story where the shit starts really hitting the industrial fan for the characters. They may have thought things were bad in The Forvian Sphere and Book 2, but they were wrong.

On another note, related to The Nonari, its turning out to be a good idea that I went straight to Book 3 instead of taking a break to write something else; the details are coming easier and I think the story is benefiting from not taking a break. And best of all: no burnout. So good on all fronts.

The battle awaits.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Same Post, Different Day

I had intended to have the firs line of this post say: Another Monday Down, an Infinity more to go...except its not Monday, its Tuesday, though I was convinced it was still the former until I looked at my calendar.
So Monday passed me by like a ninja and its almost Wednesday now and then it will be the weekend--AGAIN. Can someone please invent a time stop asap?

I would do better with a ten day work week: Three days to get my head on straight and seven to pound out some awesome prose and then I can let loose on the weekend.

But this is real life and Ill work with what the Gregorian Calender has given me.

In the meantime, work on Nonari Book 3 is going great. Wish I could say the same for those anthology stories but,,,cant say that I can. They aren't a priority anyway, though it would be nice to have them down and sent in. Either way I still got time.

Back to work for me before Tuesday pulls some ninja action waaaaa!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Its Friday. Whats that mean? Absolutely nothing.
Finished the first-draft-chapter of another battle today in Nonari Book 3. Nothing like orchestrating destruction and death on an enormous scale to round out a pretty good week of writing. Not that the weeks over for me, nope, still plenty to do.
Tonight I take a short break from The Nonari to work on an anthology story. The deadline for that has crept closer than I wanted it to, but Im confident I can get the story in by the deadline if I split my days between it and The Nonari. My next anthology work wont be until Oct 1st, and then after that its back to Nonari until it comes time for short story season.
Damn, I feel like Im talking in code here--lol.
Other than that, nothing too exciting to report. The life of a writer.
 Have a good weekend all!

PS: keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks for contests, prizes, and other awesome things.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 And The End Of Summer

Today is the 11th anniversary of 9-11 and Ive spent the last couple of days agonizing over if I should blog about it or not. Theres not much I can add to what everybody else has already said and I try to keep this blog as vanilla as possible, keeping things like politics and current events out of it. I rather have this place here be one where people can come to learn, to laugh, to kill time, to teach me something, but not to be sad, or pissed off over real life. Here, I rather talk about reading and writing, science and history, fun and games.
So, in that regard, Im gonna refrain from blogging about 9-11 in any great detail save to say that my thoughts are of the 3,000 people who went to work and who lost their lives and with the 6,000+ others who were and have been effected as a result of that day.

Now, switching gears, writing on Nonari Book 3 is going great, thats the good news; the bad news is, its officially the twilight of summer.  I cant remember exactly when I became a summer guy but it happened at some point within the last few years. Ive always been a winter guy and hated the heat with a passion, but I guess Im getting old and need more warmth lol.

The same thing happened with beaches. I used to hate them too but a few years ago I was down in Coco Beach and I didn't want to leave it.

But now the warm weather is leaving and its time to prepare for a few months of clammy rain and then a few more months of snow and ice followed by a few more of drenching rain before the warm weather returns. Maybe I should move to Del Boca Vista. Maybe.

The winter wont be all bad though. The Forvian Sphere will be out by then, and maybe Book 3 of The Golden Griffin series, and by then Nonari Book 3 should be done and turned in and then work on Book 4 will begin.

Cant say I wont be busy and I don't mind that at all.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Reality Of Fake Worlds and Other Stuff

Writings been picking up. A lot of dialogue work of late. No wonder most authors are a little crazy. I mean, we can spend large chunks of the day making up conversations happening between imaginary people. Tho, I like to think of my characters as something more than imaginary but less than real and that I'm listening in on their conversations and peeking in on their worlds, writing down what I see and hear to the best of my ability.

Which makes it hard  when I see something that I don't understand but still have to describe. Laymen call it World Building, and I am a world builder by trade. Its a lot easier, I think, to write a mystery, or Urban Fantasy or the like set in a near or current (even past) Earth because everything is all there, the painting has been painted.  You can write that the cityscape was cut with the silhouettes of skyscrapers and the reader will know what you mean. Maybe some will envision shadow blades ripping apart clouds or something, but in general, people know what a skyscraper is. The same goes for oak trees,  beavers, airplanes, butter knives, trout, grizzlies, etc, etc, etc.

But what if I wrote: the cityscape was cut with the silhouettes of domids,  or the menacing form of the Vandread lurched forth? Those require a little more explanation, or, as I like to call it, translation. Which is where, my favorite, World Building comes into play.

The world(s) of The Nonari are a good example of extensive World Building. Familiar, but not, all at the same time.

With everything I write, my aim is to have a seemingly basic over story that hides multiple dozens of twisting and turning under currents, so that a reader cam read the same story a dozen times and still be like: Oh, I get it now! Or: How did I miss that? And I like to plant something (or things) seemingly benign in the beginning of a book or series and then have it (them) manifest into something malignant farther down the line.

Using that way of thinking, The Nonari series could be compared to the worlds biggest Russian Doll, or even a colossal onion if you want to get more cliche. Every time you open one up or peel aside a layer, there's always another doll waiting and another layer to be peeled.

Hope you enjoyed my Friday rant. :-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Of This And That

Writing is still going slow, though not from lack of creativity but from lack of energy. Been one of those months so far. So, I thought Id visit the blog here and blab about some random stuff.

As a fraction of my promotional efforts for my upcoming novel, The Forvian Sphere, I think I'm gonna use Six Sentence Sunday to post six sentences from the novel every week until its release, though I wont be doing so until I get a cement pub date. If I played my cards wrong there, I might end up releasing the entire novel by accident. Don't think my editor would like that very much. Plus it wouldn't be much fun reading a book six sentences at a time in disjointed fashion.

You might also have noticed a lack of apostrophes in this blog. Thats not due to any aversion to punctuation or lack of grammatical knowledge but more due to a combination of laziness and hardware malfunction.  The quote/apostrophe key on my keyboard hasn't worked for months. I actually have my page down key in place of it from a failed attempt to fix it. (the original key went flying when I flicked it off and its been among the missing since; why the page down key instead? Don't ask.)

I have a spare keyboard up in my loft but I have a hard time letting go. The one I have now is a generic Microsoft deal but its the best board Ive ever used and I don't mess with perfection.

Though, I guess I will have to soon unless I want people to think I cant write. We don't want that, No Sir!

Monday, September 3, 2012

300+ And Counting

Been a slow writing weekend; which isn't good since, as Ive said before, adding up all the projects I want to do will take around 300 years to complete...and that was rounding down. Not to mention I'm getting new ideas for new projects all the time, so that number will inevitability grow substantially as the months and years continue to tick by. It kinda feels like I'm the US Postal Service; no matter how much mail I collect and deliver, the mail never stops.

Statistically, if all goes well, I should have at least 43 years of life left to me. Not nearly the 300+ I need but its a start and Ill take all the years I can get and I'm thinking 20, 30 years from now, we will have found ways to prolong life sufficiently and efficiently enough to get me to the next marker. My immediate goal is to reach 100. Once I get there, then Ill start figuring out how Im gonna get through the other 200+.

The good news is, Ill be working on Nonari Book 3 all night tonight and for the better part of the week; also, if I can get my head on straight I'm gonna work on those anthology stories I mentioned before. I even have an anthology idea of my own that I might pitch to an editor if I can make it cool enough.

So that's me in a crooked nutshell. Off to work.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: The Winner Is.....

....The Forvian Sphere! Surprised?? It wasn't unanimous but TFS won by a pretty commanding margin. You have spoken, so here you go, six sentences from my upcoming novel, The Forvian Sphere.

Below is a scene where the characters are traversing a situation which isn't at all what it seems.

Korb suddenly brought The Landship to a grumbling halt and I glanced up to see a look of dismay on the vlasen’s face. I followed his gaze to where several bodies littered the road before us. Each were dressed in brown peakhats, brown leather vests with gray-clothed arms protruding from them, gray trousers, and black boots. My rifle was up in an instant and I quickly scanned the trees to my left, searching for movement or anything else that would betray the attackers’ existence. Those bodies looked fresh—not even hours old—and that meant that whoever had done the killing could still be close by.
     “What should we do?” I asked as quietly as I could and still be heard over the clanking of The Landship; I kept my eyes pasted to the trees.

The Forvian Sphere will be out Fall 2012, I hope you all join me on this new journey.

And please, check out the others participating in Six Sentence Sunday here: Six Sentence Sunday

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