Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Of This And That

Writing is still going slow, though not from lack of creativity but from lack of energy. Been one of those months so far. So, I thought Id visit the blog here and blab about some random stuff.

As a fraction of my promotional efforts for my upcoming novel, The Forvian Sphere, I think I'm gonna use Six Sentence Sunday to post six sentences from the novel every week until its release, though I wont be doing so until I get a cement pub date. If I played my cards wrong there, I might end up releasing the entire novel by accident. Don't think my editor would like that very much. Plus it wouldn't be much fun reading a book six sentences at a time in disjointed fashion.

You might also have noticed a lack of apostrophes in this blog. Thats not due to any aversion to punctuation or lack of grammatical knowledge but more due to a combination of laziness and hardware malfunction.  The quote/apostrophe key on my keyboard hasn't worked for months. I actually have my page down key in place of it from a failed attempt to fix it. (the original key went flying when I flicked it off and its been among the missing since; why the page down key instead? Don't ask.)

I have a spare keyboard up in my loft but I have a hard time letting go. The one I have now is a generic Microsoft deal but its the best board Ive ever used and I don't mess with perfection.

Though, I guess I will have to soon unless I want people to think I cant write. We don't want that, No Sir!

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