Thursday, September 20, 2012

Antho! Antho! Antho!

Battle sceno, completo.

Spent the morning sketching out the next bunch of chapters for Nonari 3. Its a good technique I learned over the years, summarizing groups of chapters, that way I can focus more on the current chapter without keeping the rest in my head, and so on.

I also spent a good part of the day working on one of those pesky anthology stories and its coming along pretty awesome if I must say. I also got a bite on another of the anthology stories but that one still needs time to cook. As for the third one...dead in the water as it stands. The story is too convoluted to be any good within the confines of the intended anthology. However, I do plan on reversing somethings within the story, tweaking the hell out of it, and then turning it into a pretty rad short story for a reg sci-fi mag.

The main reason I don't write all that many short stories is because they're too short. most of the time. Give me a word count and I will meet it and then go way beyond it, even if the limit is the classic 7,500 words. Ive done it, will do it again, I just find it easier to write a 100,000+ word novel than a five thousand word ss.

But alas, some stories can only be told through short work, and I will tell them, even if I go blind and it kills me. 

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