Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bloody Sunday

Busy as usual in Sergiland. Finished the second drafts for both anthology stories and finished an outline for a sci-fi novella that I may start tonight.

Tomorrow I go back to work on Nonari 3 for the first part of the day, then I have to find a way to shave off 86 words of one of the antho stories, which is funny since I have to eighty-six those 86 words; but that's easier said than done, especially since I already cut over 150 earlier today. Ill make it happen somehow; I usually do.

I also have that partial short story to work on, and I aint letting that get away until its awesome, and I have a really cool idea for a fantasy story; Ive had it for a while actually (at least 3 years) but the one time I tried to write it, I couldnt make it work.

I think I can figure it out tho, which will be cool since Ive never read a story like it.

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