Thursday, September 27, 2012

Falling For Fall

September is officially in its death throes and Fall has blasted through Summers door. It certainly feels like Fall here in Sergiland.

Tis the season of pumpkins, ghosts, mass turkey executions,  more pumpkins, freezing rain, dead leaves, pumpkin seeds, scarecrows, (aka Tattie Boggles, if you're on The Nonari) stuffing, and then more pumpkins.

But for me especially, its the season for short stories. Its not something I ever plan to happen. For the first nine to ten months of the year I'm completely in Novel Mode, but for some reason every year at this time, Fall/Winter, my work tends to be drawn to the shorter stuff. Birds fly south for the winter, I write short stories. Its just nature I guess.

Ive mentioned some anthology stories that Ive been working on. I was supposed to do 3 but only 2 made it out the door, but they were good ones...obviously, or else they would have never left my sight. Their fate lies within the hands of The Editor Gods now.

But aside from that, Ive been splitting my days between working on The Nonari and the slew of short story ideas I have lined up that will put me through to the Spring. I cant expand too much on that now, unfortunately, but expect to hear big news (or should I say small news, harheeeeehaw) in that department and from The Nonari starting from here and  out over the next dozen weeks or so. Ill be posting the news here as it comes, along with contest info (this time readers have a chance to win money and other goods) and other fun stuff, so stay tuned. Until then, I wont bore you with anymore boring drivel.

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