Friday, September 14, 2012


Its Friday. Whats that mean? Absolutely nothing.
Finished the first-draft-chapter of another battle today in Nonari Book 3. Nothing like orchestrating destruction and death on an enormous scale to round out a pretty good week of writing. Not that the weeks over for me, nope, still plenty to do.
Tonight I take a short break from The Nonari to work on an anthology story. The deadline for that has crept closer than I wanted it to, but Im confident I can get the story in by the deadline if I split my days between it and The Nonari. My next anthology work wont be until Oct 1st, and then after that its back to Nonari until it comes time for short story season.
Damn, I feel like Im talking in code here--lol.
Other than that, nothing too exciting to report. The life of a writer.
 Have a good weekend all!

PS: keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks for contests, prizes, and other awesome things.

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