Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nonari Nooz

Been working on another battle scene of late. I'm talking about Nonari Book 3 of course and I wish I could be more specific without dropping spoilers but I cant. I can say, however, that this current battle shares a scene with one in Book 2;  tho its far from the last battle of the book. This will be the largest and longest of the three existing novels since it a part of the overall story where the shit starts really hitting the industrial fan for the characters. They may have thought things were bad in The Forvian Sphere and Book 2, but they were wrong.

On another note, related to The Nonari, its turning out to be a good idea that I went straight to Book 3 instead of taking a break to write something else; the details are coming easier and I think the story is benefiting from not taking a break. And best of all: no burnout. So good on all fronts.

The battle awaits.

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