Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Same Post, Different Day

I had intended to have the firs line of this post say: Another Monday Down, an Infinity more to go...except its not Monday, its Tuesday, though I was convinced it was still the former until I looked at my calendar.
So Monday passed me by like a ninja and its almost Wednesday now and then it will be the weekend--AGAIN. Can someone please invent a time stop asap?

I would do better with a ten day work week: Three days to get my head on straight and seven to pound out some awesome prose and then I can let loose on the weekend.

But this is real life and Ill work with what the Gregorian Calender has given me.

In the meantime, work on Nonari Book 3 is going great. Wish I could say the same for those anthology stories but,,,cant say that I can. They aren't a priority anyway, though it would be nice to have them down and sent in. Either way I still got time.

Back to work for me before Tuesday pulls some ninja action waaaaa!!

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