Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anything Can Happen On Halloween

Haven't blogged in a while. Been busy getting my yearly short story quota out; should be some decent news coming from that department within the next few weeks. Now Ive moved onto my super-secret-awesome project that Ive been working on for forever now; an epic fantasy that's been growing, evolving, and nagging to be written for the past 20 years or so. The actual writing of it began somewhere in 2004 with huge gaps in between to work on other projects and real jobs but the end for being done with the first installment is nigh. Part of the reason its taken me this long is for one: its huge; 2 distractions as mentioned above, and three: I want the work to be as perfect as possible before I shove the mountain of pages in front of an editor. The last thing I want this to be is a flop, especially after twenty years of effort, both mental and physical.
All told, we're lookin at around 8 books in total to complete the story. That's not an arbitrary guess; Ive outlined the entire story and it will take at least 8, though not more than ten--hopefully. But it all starts with Book 1 which--barring holidays, natural disasters (a hurricane and an earthquake in New England in the same month? WTF?) and any other work-related distractions--will be done and sent in by the end of the year; from there, its up to the editor gods.

And to update on The Forvian Sphere, which was supposed to be out this month:it prob wont be out till mid-December now due to an editorial backup over at Spore Press. Ill keep you posted.

In the meantime, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Ill be in South Lowell tonight 6-8 making my rounds; Ill be the one dressed as a shadow so you might not be able to see me; just crow like a rooster and Ill find ya if you're in the neighborhood; (just don't howl like a werewolf, there'll be too much of that going around already).

Here's a little vid to mark the occasion; it used to be a fav of mine as a kid, it is:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meta huh?

Just finished the first draft of that super killer sci-fi novella Ive been talking about here and there. It was a tough one but tough in a good way. It has some to do with metamaterials; which I thought I knew a lot about. Turns out I didn't--oops. So I had to do a two week, mind-breaking, crash course on the subject as it relates to the story. The good news about that is that I now know a little more about metamaterials than I did before; the bad news is, most of the stuff I learned the reader wont even see on screen, but its there because it has to be there to make the physics of the story work.

But it feels good to work on something without a deadline attached to it.

Now I'm gonna let the story sit for a day or two to let my mind decompress. The question is now: whats next?

For current projects I have three choices: Nonari, and two other short story seedlings. I really should write a Nonari chapter; its been crying and throwing a fit for attention like a spoiled 2 year old. Suppose Ill do that next, then Ill put more drafts into the novella. Thats the plan and Im sticking to it.


Monday, October 8, 2012


One of my sons favorite movies--since he was like 1--is The Wizard of Oz,,,which is good since its one of my favs too. Weve seen it a million times each so today we decided to mix it up and watch the other versions of the story.

First up was the 1933 animated short, which was all right save that my son was pissed that there wasn't any talking, just music.

Next up was the 1910 silent film. This obviously had no words either but my son loved it. Me, I liked it, but its probably one of the more creepier movies Ive ever seen. The lion had a giant head and massive eyes which blinked randomly once in a while; the muchkins were normal-sized and more creepy looking than the witch, who was pretty damn creepy herself. Overall it reminded of a nightmare I used to have as a kid...but this isn't a bad review; for its time and technology, I give it five+ stars. It was creepy, but that creepiness made it awesome. And the ending was one of the best Oz endings where The Scarecrow becomes the King of Oz...for some reason. Still cool tho.

There are a crapload of other Oz movies from the early 20th Century but from what Ive been able to learn, most of those are lost films. Maybe someday someone will find them, cause I wanna see em.

Until then, if you like The Wizard of Oz, the 1910 version of the film is highly recommended.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Head Scratcher

Well, Ive written and turned in that story I spoke about in a previous post; the one Ive wanted to write for a while but could never make work, not in the notes and not in my head. I also mentioned that its a story (structure wise) like one Ive never read before. That doesn't mean they don't exist somewhere, I just haven't read it, but Ive read A LOT.
I cant say the same for TV. I know for a fact there's at least one episode of a certain show that's structured the same way as this story. But that's where all similarities end.

I'm not sure how the editor is gonna take it when they see it on their desk.  Ive written plenty of head scratchers in my time, but most of those had been pretty linear. This one might be a such a head scratcher as to leave deep bloody furrows.

If it ever sees print, I ll let the masses decide. Its just a traditional fantasy after all.

Ive also finished those two anthology stories I was workin on, sent them in, and I wrote a sci-fi/comedy short that I sent in. This ones another head scratcher, but not so bad as the first.  Now Im workin on a really awesome (in my opinion) sci-fi novella.

I cant wait until all these things are published so I can talk about them in more detail rather than speaking in generic terms. But thats the Biz.

And of course there is The Nonari, and yes, Im still working on that as well, but Im WAY ahead there so no rush. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Contest Time

Well, sort of.

Ive had an extra copy of The Threat of Saint Flesh lying around for a while and I think its time to find it a new home.

So, I thought Id have a little fun with it. For anyone who wants said book for free (and signed by yours truly, of course) must simply answer correctly a question about The Hero of Twilight. This contest will run for exactly one month, from now until Nov 4th. That will give people (those who don't already have the book) time to order it, read it, and find the answer. On Nov 5th, I will go through the answers, picking out the correct ones, and then randomly selecting one winner from the group.
If there are an overload of correct answers, I will randomly pick four more winners the following month, so if enough people play, there is a chance that five people will get a signed copy of Saint Flesh, all expenses paid by me.


Email the answers only so every one gets a fair shake. Send those answers here:

I will let the winner and possible potential winners know by return email on Nov 5th. Have fun with it, peeps!

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