Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Head Scratcher

Well, Ive written and turned in that story I spoke about in a previous post; the one Ive wanted to write for a while but could never make work, not in the notes and not in my head. I also mentioned that its a story (structure wise) like one Ive never read before. That doesn't mean they don't exist somewhere, I just haven't read it, but Ive read A LOT.
I cant say the same for TV. I know for a fact there's at least one episode of a certain show that's structured the same way as this story. But that's where all similarities end.

I'm not sure how the editor is gonna take it when they see it on their desk.  Ive written plenty of head scratchers in my time, but most of those had been pretty linear. This one might be a such a head scratcher as to leave deep bloody furrows.

If it ever sees print, I ll let the masses decide. Its just a traditional fantasy after all.

Ive also finished those two anthology stories I was workin on, sent them in, and I wrote a sci-fi/comedy short that I sent in. This ones another head scratcher, but not so bad as the first.  Now Im workin on a really awesome (in my opinion) sci-fi novella.

I cant wait until all these things are published so I can talk about them in more detail rather than speaking in generic terms. But thats the Biz.

And of course there is The Nonari, and yes, Im still working on that as well, but Im WAY ahead there so no rush. 

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