Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meta huh?

Just finished the first draft of that super killer sci-fi novella Ive been talking about here and there. It was a tough one but tough in a good way. It has some to do with metamaterials; which I thought I knew a lot about. Turns out I didn't--oops. So I had to do a two week, mind-breaking, crash course on the subject as it relates to the story. The good news about that is that I now know a little more about metamaterials than I did before; the bad news is, most of the stuff I learned the reader wont even see on screen, but its there because it has to be there to make the physics of the story work.

But it feels good to work on something without a deadline attached to it.

Now I'm gonna let the story sit for a day or two to let my mind decompress. The question is now: whats next?

For current projects I have three choices: Nonari, and two other short story seedlings. I really should write a Nonari chapter; its been crying and throwing a fit for attention like a spoiled 2 year old. Suppose Ill do that next, then Ill put more drafts into the novella. Thats the plan and Im sticking to it.


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