Monday, October 8, 2012


One of my sons favorite movies--since he was like 1--is The Wizard of Oz,,,which is good since its one of my favs too. Weve seen it a million times each so today we decided to mix it up and watch the other versions of the story.

First up was the 1933 animated short, which was all right save that my son was pissed that there wasn't any talking, just music.

Next up was the 1910 silent film. This obviously had no words either but my son loved it. Me, I liked it, but its probably one of the more creepier movies Ive ever seen. The lion had a giant head and massive eyes which blinked randomly once in a while; the muchkins were normal-sized and more creepy looking than the witch, who was pretty damn creepy herself. Overall it reminded of a nightmare I used to have as a kid...but this isn't a bad review; for its time and technology, I give it five+ stars. It was creepy, but that creepiness made it awesome. And the ending was one of the best Oz endings where The Scarecrow becomes the King of Oz...for some reason. Still cool tho.

There are a crapload of other Oz movies from the early 20th Century but from what Ive been able to learn, most of those are lost films. Maybe someday someone will find them, cause I wanna see em.

Until then, if you like The Wizard of Oz, the 1910 version of the film is highly recommended.

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