Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Updates and Things

In my last post I mentioned that I was on my last draft of super secret gigantic project. I finished that draft, tidied up the dreaded synopsis and completed the outline/proposal of the entire story arc....and now I'm working on the real last draft of the super secret gigantic project. Going through the last draft there were still things I wasn't happy with that I wanted to fix but I didn't have the answers to the solutions at that time. No that I'm re-energized, re-familiarized with the story, and completely re-immersed in the plot and the countless sub-plots, this WILL be the final draft and I should still get it done by the end of the year.
This project has had more cosmetic surgery than Micheal Jackson. What would become the Beta Draft was written in its entirety in 2004. A couple of years later, another Beta Draft was combined with the first to make the first First Draft but the Second Draft didn't come around for another four years or so.  From there the Third and Fourth Drafts were finished pretty quick as I wrestled with sub-plots, Timing, and figuring out where all the plot/character threads would end up and how they would end up there. The Fifth and Final Draft was supposed to be a tightening up of the ms; but, like I said, it wasn't to be. Now I'm going line by line with my hammer and scissors, smoothing out dents and cutting away useless junk.
With a story this big you can never be too careful. Ill probably still be paranoid that its not perfect after I'm done and the ms sent off; that's just how it is. And I probably still wont be completely satisfied even  after the thing has gone through production and is sitting on bookshelves for the public to pass final judgement on it.
I do know that its an awesome story, not to toot my own canoe, and one Id def buy or borrow when it came out.

Time will tell. (shivers)

On a side note: I heard through the virtual grapevine that Forvian Sphere will be out in Jan of 2013. Thats the latest; Ill keep you guys posted as a more definite date closes in.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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