Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Just finished and sent off Super Secret Big Project, which I have codenamed MOD so I don't have to keep calling it by other sillier names until the contracts are signed. It was hard to let this one go since, as those who've been following the blog already know, Ive been working on its various stages for 8 years now; and if you want to get technical, the story has been with me for about 25 years, so sending it off to be picked apart and handled by other people was a hard pill to swallow.
On the other hand, this baby of mine has been trained well and is well prepared for the world so it should make a good showing of itself. No worries. (gulp)

Now its on to the next project. As usual, between projects, I had a host of options to choose from. Up until last night I was planning on writing a comical satire of a science fiction novel, but I woke up this morning feeling different, so Ill be working on another stand alone project codenamed Legends. Its still in the preliminary stages of development but I should be able to start the first draft this month and take it from there.

I still have Dimensions (don't think I forgot about that) on the back burner and The Nonari Series to work on, but Dimensions needs to simmer and I'm way ahead on The Nonari so I'm in no rush.

And of course there's the Golden Griffin series...sigh...that series will be finished and published one way or the other, but, unfortunately, the series is in indefinite Limbo due to circumstances out of my control.

And that completes this update; The Forvian Sphere should be out next month to kick off an action-packed year full of contests and promotions and all kinds of fun stuff.

And now, back to work...

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