Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wrath of The Titans

I saw Wrath of The Titans yesterday. To be honest, I'm not a movie guy, and to be honester, I'm not a bad movie guy. But I do like awesome movies, though that library is rather thin. Was Wrath an awesome movie? Hard to tell.  I went into it already hating it because I hated the remake of Clash of The Titans. But maybe because I was expecting to be so thoroughly disappointed, I actually liked it instead. The special effects were awesome, especially the cyclopses and the minotaur, and the battle scenes were pretty friggin awesome too. I usually hate corny humor in anything but a comedy, but even the globs of corny humor in the movie didn't bother me at all--or much. Maybe it was a good movie or maybe a safe fell on my head without me knowing it, all I know is that I liked it. I especially liked the whole family dynamic in Wrath, the father willing to do anything for his son, a son feeling left out by his father, and how even a dysfunctional family can put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. And lets face it, the Titan/Gods in the Greek Mythos were the first dysfunctional family, with all that eating of children, father killing, incest, fratricide, betrayal, name calling, fist fights....but even after all that, they could still forgive each other and be a family. (well, I don't know about Cronus, but everybody else)

It makes me wonder if I should give Clash a second chance. I'm thinking no, since the 1981 version will always be awesomer and plus,  Clash was obviously made for a 3D viewing audience with long drawn out scenes whose only reason for existing was to make theatergoers go Ohhh and Ahhh without adding shit to the story.
But maybe. Doubtful, but maybe.

That ends my rant for today...tune in tomorrow for the first day of Jason J Sergi History month. Its gonna start out slow but by the time March 1st comes around I'm sure the blog will be filled with enough TMIs to choke a horse...or at least a very large mouse.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming This Feb To A Monitor Near You

Usually when Feb comes around the Blog goes silent. Not this time . I'm going just the opposite.

Starting next Friday, Feb 1st 2013, I will be starting Jason J Sergi History Month. I will be posting a JJSR fun fact about me every day for 28 days straight. (in addition to anything else I might post). So come next week, make sure to visit here every day for the next month to see what you might have always wanted to know about me but didn't.

But now I have to dive into a somewhat stressful weekend. Nothin to do for it but to lower the horns and charge and hope I don't get my head ripped off. Shouldn't be too bad but a part of me cant wait for Sunday night to roll around. Gonna try to get some writing done but, we shall see.

Speaking of writing, work on Nonari Book 3 is going awesome. Forgot how much I missed The Void.

All right, and away I go. Ill be in touch, have a good weekend everyone--JJSR

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Switching Gears

Yeah, so having to switch gears here. Got the word yesterday about Forvian Sphere so the balls rolling on that. In the publishing world when things are slow they're slow, but when they're fast they're lighting fast, so watch this space for some important announcements in the few coming short weeks.
It was perfect timing really since I just hit a roadblock on Filibuster. So while I await the edits from Forvian, I'm gonna go back to work full time on Book 3 of The Nonari. Right now the first draft is half done, half chapter outlines, but those chapters go all the way to the end; all I gotta do is write them.

In another small piece of news, which isn't really news, but more of a small ramble: I finished reading A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan. Why is that significant at all? Well, Ive spent the last 19 years following the series and now its finally over though RJ wasn't the one to have finished it.The Wheel of Time gets equal parts flak and praise from both sides of the fence. I'm a praiser, there were things in the books that I didn't agree with, but they didn't bother me because RJ wrote them; it was his story and they were supposed to be there. Aside from being an awesome writer/storyteller, he was also fan friendly. One time (during the Knife of Dreams tour) I had asked him a question long after questions had stopped being taken; instead of telling me to screw because I was flouting the rules, he answered the question at great length, jolly as ever, despite the hundreds of pissed off people behind me waiting in line. And from all other sources Ive heard from, that's just the kind of guy he was.
He died six years ago while working on A Memory of Light. The person chosen to finish the series for the fans was Brandon Sanderson. Its hard to say what could have been, but I think if RJ was able to finish the series as should have happened, A Memory of Light and The Wheel of Time would have smashed anything that came before it. But while the end was good and highly unexpected (the end was written by RJ before he died) the three books that Brandon Sanderson ended up writing weren't RJ.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Heres to the future and remember, The End of The Nonari is coming.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2012 has officially shit the bed. Now its time to look forward to 365 more days of life and new things. I'm excited about 2013 for a few reasons; for one, all the work Ive done in 2011/2012 will finally come to fruition in 2013...all those vague boring posts Ive been posting for two years will finally make sense.
Its also another year of watchin my son grow older (which is both a good and bad thing, but mostly good) and another year to experience new things.
The blog might get a little quiet for the first half of this month but, as things start happening, this thing is gonna catch fire. (fingers crossed) 

In the meantime Happy New Year and make the next 365 better than the last.


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