Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming This Feb To A Monitor Near You

Usually when Feb comes around the Blog goes silent. Not this time . I'm going just the opposite.

Starting next Friday, Feb 1st 2013, I will be starting Jason J Sergi History Month. I will be posting a JJSR fun fact about me every day for 28 days straight. (in addition to anything else I might post). So come next week, make sure to visit here every day for the next month to see what you might have always wanted to know about me but didn't.

But now I have to dive into a somewhat stressful weekend. Nothin to do for it but to lower the horns and charge and hope I don't get my head ripped off. Shouldn't be too bad but a part of me cant wait for Sunday night to roll around. Gonna try to get some writing done but, we shall see.

Speaking of writing, work on Nonari Book 3 is going awesome. Forgot how much I missed The Void.

All right, and away I go. Ill be in touch, have a good weekend everyone--JJSR

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