Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wrath of The Titans

I saw Wrath of The Titans yesterday. To be honest, I'm not a movie guy, and to be honester, I'm not a bad movie guy. But I do like awesome movies, though that library is rather thin. Was Wrath an awesome movie? Hard to tell.  I went into it already hating it because I hated the remake of Clash of The Titans. But maybe because I was expecting to be so thoroughly disappointed, I actually liked it instead. The special effects were awesome, especially the cyclopses and the minotaur, and the battle scenes were pretty friggin awesome too. I usually hate corny humor in anything but a comedy, but even the globs of corny humor in the movie didn't bother me at all--or much. Maybe it was a good movie or maybe a safe fell on my head without me knowing it, all I know is that I liked it. I especially liked the whole family dynamic in Wrath, the father willing to do anything for his son, a son feeling left out by his father, and how even a dysfunctional family can put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. And lets face it, the Titan/Gods in the Greek Mythos were the first dysfunctional family, with all that eating of children, father killing, incest, fratricide, betrayal, name calling, fist fights....but even after all that, they could still forgive each other and be a family. (well, I don't know about Cronus, but everybody else)

It makes me wonder if I should give Clash a second chance. I'm thinking no, since the 1981 version will always be awesomer and plus,  Clash was obviously made for a 3D viewing audience with long drawn out scenes whose only reason for existing was to make theatergoers go Ohhh and Ahhh without adding shit to the story.
But maybe. Doubtful, but maybe.

That ends my rant for today...tune in tomorrow for the first day of Jason J Sergi History month. Its gonna start out slow but by the time March 1st comes around I'm sure the blog will be filled with enough TMIs to choke a horse...or at least a very large mouse.

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