Wednesday, February 13, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 13

Well, here it is. Day 13 on Feb 13th in 2013 from apt 13. Not only do I believe in ghosts, but I'm also slightly superstitious...or maybe I have more than a touch of OCD, either way, certain non-tangible things  in life do make me uncomfortable.
Ive read before why the number 13 was so unlucky but the information has since fled my memory. I guess I should have taken a refresher course before sitting down to write this post so I could then have something intellectual to say about it, but then you guys wouldn't have any homework. Now you can jump on Wikipedia or Google and find out for yourselves, maybe kill a little time at work. And lets face it, that's probably what I'm gonna do too.

Lets hope midnight comes soon. 

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