Thursday, February 14, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 14

We have officially reached the halfway point here in the Jason J Sergi History Month block. And today is Valentines Day. What does that mean for JJS? Nothin, I don't think Ive ever had a successful valentines day, but then again, Ive never really tried to. Too much pressure and I'm not exactly a romantic guy. Doesn't mean that when I'm with someone I don't try, but don't expect a trail of rose petals leading to a box of chocolates and tickets for a four week cruise in the Caribbean.
Fortunately, this year I'm single and don't have to worry about all that bullshit. I get to write all day and get some real work done.

I will most likely be done with the 2nd draft of Nonari Book 3 by tomorrow if not today, which means I can start the 3rd draft by Monday at the latest. Good Times.

Also, Ive been working on The Road to The Golden Griffin contest, which will officially be announced on March 1st. Grand Prize for that will be a $100 Amazon Gift card and a signed copy of either Hero of Twilight of Threat of Saint Flesh; Second Place gets a $50 Gift Card and a signed copy of either book, and third place gets only a signed copy of either book, but its better than what 4th place will get, which is diddly squat.

Stay tuned, my friends, and let the coffee cool. Wink

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