Monday, February 4, 2013

JJS History Month: Day 4

Okay day 4 of Jason J Sergi History Month has arrived!

Read close because the information might be relevant. I'm announcing a contest on March 1st having to do with The Road to The Golden Griffin, stay tuned.

Anyways, today's fun fact has to do with the first story I ever wrote because that connects to the first short story I ever had published which then led to the first novel I ever had published; which in itself is part of a much larger story.

The first story I ever wrote was a short called Jalok and The Tweek Petals. I sent it to one magazine and one magazine only and was crushingly rejected. When I wrote it, I thought I was writing the best thing ever, but I was new to the craft and didn't realize until much later how much it actually sucked. I wont go into details but it was overloaded with adjectives and ended in a dream (yikes, yeah I know).
Fast forward three years and a ton more rejections later, I wrote a novelette called The Enigma of The Master Stone, which was set in the same world as Jalok and The Tweek Petals.  Sorcerous Signals bought the story, making it the first thing I ever had published, but more was to follow.
A couple of years after that, I wrote The Hero of Twilight, which is directly related to the last scene of Enigma,which had turned into kind of a long distance sequel. All those stories are currently available save for Tweek Petals, which now exists as a chapter in a partially written novel. Yes, Tweek Petals will someday be in print as part of said book, but much edited and viable to read.
I should also mention that said book with said chapter is part of a giant series (which includes the world of The Golden Griffin) that is currently in the works and under review.

So that's that for today. Now you know that the first story I ever wrote had spawned a much larger universe that I hope will entertain readers far, far, into the future.

 For those interested:

Enigma of The Master Stone is still available online in an anthology called: Arcane Whispers Volume 2

Hero of Twilight and Threat of Saint Flesh are also available at any online retailer.

Jalok and The Tweek Petals: TBA but worth the least in my opinion--wink 

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